About Dr Chen

I am Dr Shao-Wei Chen. I have practiced as an attending cardiac surgeon since 2010 at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan, which with 3000 beds is the largest hospital in Taiwan. I received my medical degree and Ph.D. in Clinical Medical Sciences from Chang Gung University. I currently hold the academic position of associate professor and am head of the intensive care unit of cardiovascular surgery. During my clinical practice, I have performed more than 500 cardiac surgeries and 100 aortic stent insertion. My observed outcomes in the most recent 3 years are compatible with the predicted scores of the STS risk model. Regarding medical research, I have published more than 50 academic papers related to CABG, valve surgery, aortic surgery, critical care, and basic science. My representative work has been published in the JTCVS, ATS, JVS, IJC, and JAHA. In addition, I am in charge of the Center to Big Data Analytics and Statistics as Deputy Director in our hospital and serve on various academic committees in Taiwan.

Dr. Chen Shao-Wei